The individual conscience is true freedom, the collective conscience is the limitation, whoever wants to confuse will say that moving away from the group would be a lack of solidarity, but it is not, the individual human being is a person of good faith, he is better prepared to help to others than one who always likes to live in a group and conditioned by the impressionability and susceptibility of the social environment.

The individual human being, being this way, is more invulnerable, therefore he is less exposed due to his tolerance to harmful feelings typical of collective minds such as vanity, selfishness and hypocrisy.

Not to confuse a guy who knows he's individual with one of those egotistical, vain, segregationist guys who feel different, who call themselves individual because they feel they're a different class in society, but not to indulge in a process of self-improvement, but for vain reasons, who do not know more than to live their today, nor do they make plans to contribute ideas in society; those only live for themselves; It is really a mistake to call these poor beings individual, even more so it is a blunder to say that they are free; egotistical people who do not know what help and solidarity to others is, who are simply not interested in more than living for their benefit, those only lack the tail to be donkeys.

It must be repeated over and over again, true freedom cannot begin if there is no individuality, the individual human being has ideals and based on them, which may even seem like chimeras, he builds forms of expression that escape mediocracy.

The individual conscience breaks schemes, stereotypes, because it is bold, it contributes new and fresh ideas, it conceives in its mind objectives that to the common society may seem impossible dreams. A man or a woman with a healthy individual conscience is a truly free being.


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