The Only True Self Improvement

When we browse the Web, we can notice that almost every directory has a category that deals with self-improvement. This subject has become very popular. Every human being that at least possesses a little bit of conscience tries to improve herself or is at least interested at a thought of such a striving.

The higher the moral level of a man, the stronger is his or her desire to improve. Those people who are convenient but do not feel very good about themselves if they miss the feeling that they work on their own improvement, will at least read articles and books how to improve themselves, but as a matter of fact, their reading will be the only one thing that they will really do. On the other hand, there are also people who really want to improve themselves and actively try to follow any well-meant piece of advice how to become better.

However, the problem is that hardly any out of all the available advices which are supposed to show you the way how you can improve yourself is really effective and safe. To be frank, I have to say that the most effective way how to improve is even very uncomfortable.

To understand my point of view, you should know that I believe in reincarnation, in harmony in all Nature and in the balance of all the opposites. I also believe that all people together are one whole and because everything is related to any other thing, in the same way the destiny of each one of us is related with the destiny of all other people.

As opposites reign to us all and balance always tries to be restored, we should avoid any extreme in our life to prevent the opposite extreme in the life of other people. If we are too rich, others will have to be too poor. If we are too healthy, others will have to be too ill. If we are too happy, others will have to be too unhappy. If we are too good, others will have to be too bad.

Because we are one whole, then to improve this whole, one must try to improve both himself and all the other at once. To improve all mankind - to help all mankind, it means to help the most suffering ones first of all. But how can they be helped?

Who is ill and cannot be healed, let him enter new body in the next life of his or her soul by euthanasia, who has suffered a serious accident let him be helped by all other people, who is too poor and does not have enough money to life, let him be gifted by the rich.

Remember that if you helped any other man, you helped yourself because if there will be no excessive suffering on the world, neither you soul will have to excessively suffer, whether it will be in it's present or future life. So any help to any other man in fact is a help to yourself. True self-improvement consists in the restriction of one's own happiness for the purpose of helping all the other people by sharing any above-average possession with them.

Everybody should be averagely rich and averagely happy. Only then he will neither suffer too much nor he will cause any occurence of too much suffering people. Let everybody live in a medium happiness with medium possession and let him have the same price like that of all other people.

Now ask yourself: Are you the rich who will not support the poor with your money? Do you enjoy a good state of health and at the same time do not feel with those who suffer most and you are not willing to bear a part of their big pain on your own shoulders? If it is so, then please stop reading articles and books about self improvement since you will never improve yourself in the proper way. For the only self-improvement is to sacrifice a part of what you've got to help the other. There is no other self-improvement.

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