Methods of Self Control

Before you sleep tonight, ask yourself that are you happy? What is your true calling? Think for a moment and the results will still probably surprise you. In the race to move, ahead in life you have neglected your inner self. You are juggling so many things at once that you have no time to interact with yourself. 

You may posses all the ingredients that make you socially successful. However, there is hollowness and emptiness in your life that does not allow you to enjoy life. A spiritual deficit engulfs you because of which you do not have peace and serenity of mind. You spend money and time and travel to distant places to discover the peace of mind. However, the truth is that no one can provide you calmness of mind, the key to controlled mind lies within you. 

You seemed to have exchanged your life and true happiness with materialistic accumulations. A person who possesses latest gadget and has designer wardrobes is socially considered successful. An individual today has postponed his living, his priorities includes a high package job, latest car and mobile. However, the irony of your life is that he may own the latest phone but has no time to talk to his family members. You are so busy in your life that with each passing day you are getting trapped and losing on the moments that could provide you true happiness.   

You can simplify and add happiness to your life by adopting some techniques. It will improve the quality of your life and provide you peace of mind. Start appreciating the beautiful gifts of nature like rainfall, blooming flowers, sunrise and sunset. Observing them will give you a sense of calmness and you will fell happier. Happiness lies in these little things of life. Stars, dew studded flowers and different shapes of moon teach you a very important and basic lesson in life that nothing stays forever. It is advisable that you learn the lessons from the past and then move ahead. Always focus on your present keeping future in mind. Oscillating between past and present leaves no time to focus on the present. 

You should keep experimenting things and never be scared of failure. Failures teach you lessons in life and by experimenting new things; give space to your creativity. This leads to deeper understanding of the self and leads to fresh ideas. Exercising regularly releases the negativity from your body and keeps you healthy. It is advisable that you exercise in the park as keeps you close to the nature and allows you to enjoy the chirping of bird, rising sun and dew studded grass. Because of focusing on the beauties in the surroundings, you become more positive and happy.

Music is a great healer and a stress buster. Listening to music can bring your stress levels and charge you for day. It creates a positive aura around you and keeps you energized. Meditating is a great method that can be used for connecting with your self. It can be done at any corner of your home, you are required to sit cross-legged and eyes close. 

It must be done at same time everyday and at same corner. Planning your life on a weekly or monthly basis gives a direction to your life. It helps you in prioritizing your schedule and focusing on important aspects of your life. It is advisable that you break your difficult goals into short-term goals. For instance if you wish to save 10000 dollars annually, break down your saving plan on monthly basis. It will make your saving plan realistic and successful.

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