An Overview of Happiness

Happiness seems to be a fleeting thing to some people;
others seem to have a good grasp on it and seem to be
able to hang on for dear life!

Happiness means different things to different people,
but there are similarities that have led scientists to
believe that there is much people can do to assist
themselves in their personal pursuit of happiness.
Most people who are truly happy have a true sense of
purpose in their life. What is your passion and are
you living it? For many people, faith in God brings
them happiness, hope for the future and a sense of
Happy people generally are giving people; giving truly
does bring the giver joy, if it’s done with a real
attitude of giving for the sake of giving. Happy
people are also thankful for the things in their life,
and for the people and relationships in their life.
Nurture your special relationships with family and
friends and think about dumping negative relationships
that do nothing except bring you down.
Optimism doesn’t come naturally to some people, but
the happiest people are optimists, always looking on
the lighter and brighter side of life. Take it easy on
yourself-lighten up!
If you are online often, have a joke-of-the-day sent
to you. Don’t be afraid to laugh; laughing releases
endorphins in your brain that make you truly happy-as
does exercise.
Consciously look for the bright side in every
situation throughout the day; instead of instantly
thinking something won’t work, think about how it
Be mindful of how blessed you are; got a job? Be
thankful. In a good relationship? Be thankful.
Thankfulness will lead to happiness every time.

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