Plan Your Success

“Now, Work Your Plan”
Early in my career, I was told, “Most people have a business plan, but the problem is they don’t work their plan.”  The same may be said of New Year resolutions.  How many promises did you make to yourself and on how many of them will you follow through?

One major problem is sometimes too many goals are set.  Another issue may be the one goal is so dramatic it would consume all of your time to achieve.  In fact, it may be so huge, it becomes overwhelming.  At this stage, not only will you not work on this idea, but the state of overwhelm will prevent you from achieving your other simpler goals.
For example, if you wanted to get known nationwide this year, you would have to undertake major public relations strides to accomplish this.  It would entail speaking everywhere you could, demonstrating your expertise, contacting as much of the media as possible and the continuation of being seen and heard in every manner known to mankind.
At the same time, you still have all of the other avenues of your business to contend with as the CEO of your own company.  How do you combat this dilemma?
In my mind, I equated a large year-long project with a one-a-day vitamin.  My suggestion is to break down the public relations strategies into do-able tasks.  First, outline absolutely everything you can think of that will need to be tried and completed for you to feel 100% successful.  Then prioritize the steps in order of what will take the longest to complete.
Begin with the most difficult and time-consuming tasks first.  The reasoning here is two-fold.  First, you have the most excitement the beginning of the year, as in, “I’m really going to do it this time!”  So it will be easier to tackle the difficult assignment now.  Second, if you begin a long project at the end of the year, you may not complete it on time and you will feel you have let yourself down.
Now that you know which task to begin, complete at minimum, one step of it each day dependent upon how much time you can devote to the project.  This is where I liken the process to the one-a-day vitamin.
One task a day devoted to your highest priority will give you renewed energy to keep on going!  You will feel excitement coming your way and the adrenalin will be flowing.  Your project will become easier and more joyful each day as you complete a task.
As you become accustomed to the daily routine of working on your big project, it will be easier to squeeze in a couple of the smaller tasks too.  Within several months, you begin to feel as if you are making strides in getting known and the other areas of your business are growing too.  In fact, as all areas of your business build together, new business will come your way with far less effort.
When you work strategically, the worry diminishes and the smiles return to your face.  At the same time, be certain to help those who need your area of expertise or who want to follow in your footsteps.  Your new demeanor will attract new clients as you are happy, confident and apparently successful.  You will also build repeat business, referrals and testimonials – all essential ingredients for success.
Every few months you will be able to see and measure you progress.  Mid-year, you should be feeling fairly popular.  By the end of the year, you will have succeeded and be known nationwide!
Additional ideas to build business:
- The end of each week review each day’s accomplishment
- On Friday devise a plan for the daily tasks for the following week
- As the difficult tasks complete, incorporate the simpler ones
- Increase your dosage of vitamins or daily tasks as the routine simplifies
- Share your good news of accomplishments
- Vow to keep taking your business vitamins year after year

The end result of paying excellent attention to your plan is it will succeed, and Your Profits Will Soar!

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