What Is Your True Purpose In Live?

Here is an interesting way to discover your true purpose in life. It is about the real reason why you exist and the meaning for you to be here. It will take around 20 minutes.

What you do is take a paper or open your text editor, write the following title on top: What is my true purpose in life? Start to write down anything that comes into your mind. Don’t stop. Just continue to write. You may write more than 100, 200 or more answers. But just don’t stop. Certain same answers may repeat from time to time and during the process you may start to feel annoyed because the answer can’t seems to converge. Just bear with it and continue to write. You will come to a point that your answer start to converge. You will start to notice the final answers arise because that few answers will keep on repeating more and more frequently. You will finally know those are the true answers as it makes true sense to you. It may take around 20 minutes or more. That’s fine.

It takes me around 20 minutes with 70+ answers to come to the following final answer:

Live to my Fullest Potential
Continue to Grow and Improve Everyday
Live and Work Together With Others Well
Live with Belief and Faith

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