In early 2008, I got some mails, such as a string that sometimes too lazy to read, I regret not reading it at the time, and it was information about a real and very cruel practice perpetrated by people a society that is supposed to be very civilized.
Stupidity and evil are very high points in parts of the world, in the case of the Faroe Islands (and Greenland), regions belonging to Denmark. In these places, their inhabitants have a habit, according to them need protein, to hunt dolphins, whales and other marine animals.
The Danish ritual hunting of whales is awful, whales are hunted down by the boats and so begins a bloody slaughter when it begins compulsively stupid people mercilessly stabbing the whales.
The images shown below do not require words, but I must say that this area of ​​the Faroe Islands, has enough natural resources to prevent cetaceans are their only source of protein and should limit their hunting. Moreover we must demand that the Danish government to once and for all end this "barbaric tradition" that all it does is to discredit Denmark as a civilized country.

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    when the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a ditch.

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