The "true love" in my opinion can not be separated by words such as fidelity or loyalty. "Love" that society instead touts a defense makes all the deceit, lies and disloyalty. The phrases that seek to justify the mediocrity of infidelity are something "we are all human," "we all make mistakes." It is not, of course, be judges, no one should be, each person must assume their responsibilities, but you can not promote the idea that instincts are stronger than the feelings because it is a brutality.

Surely these liberal ideas are promoted by people who like to be labeled as "open-minded" people who have the ability to reach a dense public from their positions in the media with their messages that they impose on others that viewer to think like them. Many people succumb to these subliminal messages of the media because people always want to be allies with modernity and then it is preferred to accept these concepts as they are not willing to be seen as outdated, many people have a tremendous fear of doing or saying something make them see how conservative or Cucufate. Because it is supposed to live in a society of openness, generosity, and even though there may be solid reasons to keep certain rules or principles, many prefer to be on the liberal side of the stream current as fast as obscure.

There are "destroyers of true love" are those who tend to think that the feeling of love can live with hatred, deceit and betrayal often translate it as soap operas, but in fact, argues that the absence of eternal love , anything goes and confuse the sexual instinct with the sublime charm of true love. For these people poor, with honorable exceptions, who for decades have been brainwashed people in different societies from their positions of specialists in sexology, psychology, other branches of science, everything bad is justifiable, given normally wrong approach to human relations based on their particular ways of thinking that often do not coincide with those of its users.

Many professionals say that sex is as important as the feelings, nothing more stupid than that. Sex, sexual pleasure, in my opinion is only important for procreation. Sex with love is sublime, but does not equal or by far the true love that does not require physical contact, because love in its essence is pure feeling, is incomparable and so is so scarce today.

I think in these lines I write today, I must vindicate the "true love", out of intense passions, and that this "true love" is what has allowed even at the present time the feelings persist. How beautiful! this pure love is manifested in its clearest expression and small gestures, a tender look, a kiss delicate, loving words in the distance, and so on. Much love throughout history, are proof that the feeling is over the distance. That's why I want to expose these criminals of science to justify infidelity when there is distance involved. If a person is not loyal to your partner, that person is away and assume that loves, basically because he feels it is not "true love", she or he may believe that if it is, but if it is cheating, it's because that love is said to feel, is not so, or was feeling very fragile.


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