-Philosophy is useful because it allows the development of rationality by continuing questions we ask ourselves in the diverse circumstances of our lives.
-Philosophy is useful for acquiring knowledge, the person who thinks and philosophy, is always seeking to explore and learn, and that's always beneficial, because it warns us about what can happen.

-It is through philosophy that human beings realize the great treasure that is his own mind.
-The person who thinks philosophically realizes that everything that gives us the world of the senses has limitations and dissatisfactions and there is a world beyond that would allow us to rise to a higher level of thinking.
-Philosophy allows us to acquire empathy, you can understand more clearly the problems of self and others, it handles better the circumstances and is better prepared emotionally for the future.
-Philosophy as a science and art of thinking we can get away from the stupidity and wickedness so ingrained in the collective minds.
-The being human who learns to think, to know how useful are the concepts of past philosophers, since there can extracted their own criteria by which to guide his life properly.
-The fact that a person constantly philosophize, opening grooves of clarity in the mind, which in turn fall asleep in the minds totally given to the world of appearances.
-Understand the true meaning of life can only be achieved by developing the mind. The mind evolves through healthy ideas are the result of ongoing reflective analysis, these ideas should be the philosophy of life for everyone.
-The genuine and beneficial philosophy is that one learns from the knowledge of the own reality contrasted with the outside.
-The philosophy that we learn from books and schools, it is useful, but the truly transcendent personal philosophy is that we grow through trust and knowledge.
-The philosophy allows us to focus life with a vision more calm of the things in the world around us, although the process to achieve a philosophical mind can be at the beginning, a path of anguish, doubts and uncertainties, the final will be worth it, because over time, the cultivated mind is going to provide the necessary resources to fully develop our potential in any field and thus be more prepared for the challenges of life.
-The man who uses the knowledge that gives philosophy, not is content with satisfaction of basic needs. He seeks to understand the world and the circumstances of his life to discover its own reason for being, because find their own reason for being mean to find happiness.


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