1.-The stupid people are not aware that they are stupid, and this is one more reason why they are extremely dangerous because are unpredictable.
2.- People are not stupid always underestimate the power of causing damage that can lead to stupid people.
3.-The probability that a person be stupid is independent of any other property of the person. Can be found at any level of social status or education. Among the more talented and more ignorant can be stupid.
4.-In the world there are many more stupid that people think.
5.-Stupid people in general are very impressionable people (simpletons), when they see an image that impresses them, salivate excessively and may stay with their mouths open and eyes lost (catatonic state).
6.-Stupid people spread their stupidity associated with them can be a very expensive cost.
7.-In each of us that we are intelligent people there is always a factor of stupidity that is always larger than we assume.
8.-A stupid person is prejudiced, impulsive, impressionable and susceptible to a greater extent that a reasonable person.
9.-Stupid people, judge others by physical appearance before they look at other aspects.
10.-It is worthwhile to reiterate, the condition of stupid is independent of any other property of the person, therefore, a person purporting to be the most noble or considered genius in science, can potentially be a stupid that it only requires certain circumstances to show that as it is.


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