Emotional Intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence is related to learning to control our emotions. Achieving that emotional intelligence is what will allow us to really live a life of welfare, gaining more confidence.
Many people are deceived into thinking that high IQs, those which are determined by the test, or success in business gives us the label "confident", and that fact alone is enough to feel fulfilled. That is a false perception of things.
The surgeon can be more efficient, the best architect, the most honest lawyer, the outstanding player, the more enterprising merchant, but if you do not have in your life emotional intelligence will always be instability. The reason is very simple to explain but not easy to understand especially for those with a focused linear thinking in one direction in which they always are successful and others are wrong.
Many people who are successful in their careers and have problems in other aspects of their lives, are not able to handle them properly because their emotions overflow. It could put many examples of people who are brilliant in business and careers, but at the family or couple are totally unstable because they can not control their impulsivity, that is because of that person lacks the concept of the Emotional intelligence.
Many people who are successful in certain aspects of his life, are superb, and that pride makes them forget that in other areas they could also be the best.
The instability of these people because they do not have emotional intelligence and to achieve the first thing to do is to recognize in oneself one's own weaknesses and shortcomings, and to be harder speak of having to overcome that side "gross" and "stupid "that is in us.
From there, the analysis of these weaknesses, acknowledge them, you get something very valuable, acquire empathy. That is to understand what others feel, you begin to deflate the ego, and takes more care of the things said and the reactions that have, it's like all you mental prophylaxis free of egotism, of pride, pettiness and other mental conflicts that are affecting a part of our being. It's like a mental revolution, as you get used to monitor each of your thoughts to do the right thing not only for their own benefit but for the good of others. That is very important, because then our conscience is clear.
But of course, learning or acquiring Emotional Intelligence is a process that takes time, is a winding road with ups and downs, however, it is worth crossing because the control of our emotions is the key to our happiness.
And do not forget that this control involves perseverance in enacting positive thoughts in mind.
Finally I must say that acquiring empathy is the first step to develop such strong emotional intelligence, which is much more important in life, to achieve titles or achieve success at work, because control your emotions it gives genuine stability, to be emotionally intelligent is to have the right balance to properly assess successes and failures and to settle at the equilibrium point, exact point must always be the person who is calm, sane and happy.

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