When you feel sad
because certain memories overwhelm you
better evokes the look and sweet gesture
that one day someone gave you.

When you feel sad
because of loneliness is all around you
remember that there will always be a shoulder
to comfort you and make you smile.

When you feel sad
because you think you do not love you
Remember that your sad soul
will be transmuted into bright spirit.

When you feel sad
and think your life is not heading quietly
look within yourself
and find your true reason for being.

When you feel sad
because they hurt you
think about your healthy conscience
that only knows how to give and love.

When you feel sad
Reveal Yourself!
and you will be able to return to hell in paradise,
you can create an inspirational dissatisfaction.

When you feel sad
think of the great challenge of Existence
lift up your eyes to heaven
and look at the winner.

When you feel sad
exploits the grief
there is the seed
of your future happiness.

Yes, you can!
return to smile ...
I know that you will succeed.


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    I like your blog


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