Sometime in my blog I wrote about democracy, about the fact that it is the least bad of all political systems to govern, at least in Democracy and elections are the same people elect their leader is good or bad. However this there is something in the present democracy that particularly disgusts me is that democracy agreed that justifies evil and unjust in the name of good. Truth, falsehood and hypocrisy so unworthy.
For example, here in Latin America, you can see the political analysts who are false prophets of democracy, as Mr. Openheimer, Vargas Llosa (son), journalists from CNN, etc.. Those who fill their mouths constantly talking about democracy, and yet they have seen as irrelevant the fact, the unprecedented coup that occurred in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya.
You know the double mask that has the United States, on the one hand condemning the coup and on the other hand, being more critical of Zelaya that coup Micheletti and his friends who were not elected to govern.
This power group democracy is a , democracy, is used as a pretext to Hugo Chavez on all internal and external threats that are the responsibility of each State, headed by political democracy always more concerned with promoting the economic interests oligarchs that population.
United States as the world power, is the country that should represent the most genuine example of democracy but that democracy can not ignore or look through the corner of my eye all the "atrocities" or "excesses" committed in the Middle East and simply attributed to unfortunate side effects of the war. Air-raiding villages and killing people is not democratic. Do you?
And who is able to defy the United States? Does France perhaps? just a little, and the other rulers of countries that boast of being the first world just happen to be bootlicking of Uncle Sam.
Who dares to ask tough sanctions to the U.S. for all deaths under the pretext of the nuclear weapons were never found in Iraq?. What happens with these deaths? Who is responsible for those lives? - Say who - for you is the question analysts 'democratic' - Does that go unpunished forever?
Of course there to capture the terrorists, anyone with a sane mind can accept the evil of these fundamentalist criminals, but there are others who call themselves defenders of good and also have murdered innocents in the name of World Peace. The brave would someone even dares to raise it, that is to punish the genocide who gave the order to bomb defenseless people.
What I am saying that in principle may sound anti-American, is in fact nothing more than an expression of disappointment.
United States of America has always seemed like a great country, mainly in the sense of promoting the freer form the ideals of Justice and Human Rights, that is why I am shocked that the government of that country can freely decide to send his army warlike act no matter or face the consequences of such acts.
Who will stop the U.S? France is apparently the only nation on its ideological legacy that has the moral capacity to prevent the American country to do what he pleases whenever and wherever.
But France is not enough to prevent the United States to do what he pleases, it requires leaders of developed countries that are more courageous and less proud, intelligent leaders who put their pants to demand justice when required .


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