Here a compilation of the best-known secrets and rituals for the New Year. Many people find work, so for a moment forget about logic, to use its share of faith and be assured that you will also get results.

-Turn the block with a suitcase, to travel in the new year.

-Eating 12 grapes or cherries, one for each month of the year, to be healthy.

-At 00:00 hrs. sweeping with a broom out of the door.

-Assemble the figure of a man with old clothes and fill it with sawdust, paper and gunpowder where not prohibited. Place it in a park, square or the edge of the road at midnight and burn it as a sign that he is going with all the bad things of the year.

-The idea is that at 12 at night you must have the pockets of his clothes with money. Tradition says that ideally should be bills and not coins, this in order that the whole year does not lack money.

-Receive the new year with money in their shoes: bring economic prosperity.

-If your economy has been very low, at twelve at night must enter in your wallet, purse or wallet you've used all year round, a minimum a bill of a dollar.

-For women, if they want to find a boyfriend, must wear yellow pants the night of Dec. 31. But something very important is that they must be a gift from someone and not purchased by the same person who will use it.

-Also for women, wearing red interior, to be successful in love.

-To have a lot of new clothes: the night of 31 must wear clothes inside out.

-Put a ring of gold in the glass of champagne which will be the toast you'll never be short of money (be careful with confessing).

-The incense sticks are used to isolate the negative energies and to open doors to prosperity. The incense should be appropriate with cinnamon, cloves, coffee, myrrh, frankincense, Styrax, sugar and coal pine or cedar. It is advisable to do so when give the 12 midnight on the last day of the year.

-Eat a a dish of lentils to start the year. This will bring good luck.

-Make a package organized with corn, chocolate, lentils, salt and sugar and keep it throughout the year. Do not miss the food.

-To ward off bad energy, put a small red bag in the belly with rice seeds, beans and lentils. -Arrange the dinner table for 31 December with green grapes, grain, bread and oranges, that should be eaten on January early.

-At the corners of your house put lemons cut in four, that you withdraw the envy and bad energy.

-Spreads a few coins under the beds, buy a beautiful aloe and put it at the entrance, it will bring you luck.

-If you want a certain person you give his/her love, tie a red ribbon with a picture of him that night and sleeps with it under your pillow.

-Throw a glass of water from the house towards the street. That symbolizes that you are thrown out of your life all the tears, sorrow and negativity.

-To make all your dreams come true, make a list of wishes written on paper and solutions to your problems, fold the paper and open it at 12 at night.

-If you want to erase the negative things of the past, write them on paper and burn it so it will not reoccur in the new year.

-Dress all in white to receive the new year. It relates to ward off illness and bring good health.

-Seeks brand new clothes to welcome the new year.It implies that all year do not miss the new clothes.

-For the next year to be continuous ascent, climb on a chair or on a ladder just before midnight.

-Wash hands with champagne and sugar to get money. At 12 pm, put their hands in a bowl of sugar. Then washed with champagne.

-Deal spike of wheat: a symbol of abundance. The ideal is to hand out to all attendees (who all take hands midnight) and also spreads through the house.

-Put cinnamon and sweet aromatic in various parts of the house. The first is for luck and the second for love does not falter.

-Lighting candles:

Gold: To attract money and abundance into your life.
Red: To fan the flame of love.
Pink: To find an ideal love in your life.
Blue: To achieve your career goals or change jobs.
Green: For health .
Yellow: To attract business.
White: To heal any relationship or simply buy peace.
Purple: To transmute negative into positive energy and ward off all bad in your life.

Remember, your house must be very clear on the night of Dec. 31, even if you do not go to dinner in it. It is important to sweep and clean everything, but most especially the corners, this will ensure prosperity in the new year.


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