Let's start 2010 with a new state of mind that can only be the result of innovators and motivating thoughts:


1.-No person in the world that is more wonderful than you, your mind, your body, your skin, everything about you is unique, nobody can not feel well, only you, forget about the social parameters, rather each party cares your physical and mental being.
2.-Seeks knowledge, learn from every experience and every thing that happens in your life, not wasting energy on denying or curse rather use it in pursuit of wisdom. This will become your standard wider pace with your confidence and be able to deal with situations and circumstances with a variety of resources.
3.-Respect everyone, but always preserves your independence of mind, your individuality is valuable as not falling into egotism and vanity. The mindset and the rules of society are shared while not affecting your self-esteem.
4.-Your self-esteem always on top, for you are the best and believe it firmly, but remember something, do not say or try to prove to anyone. Never compare yourself to anyone. You're a smart person, you know that every person is different.
5.-You can achieve anything your mind has conceived, and nobody has ever made, think you can be the first. You rejects the ideas of the "scare-dreams" that fail objectives and only watch and criticize.
6.-Your mind is wonderful, watch every thought that enters it, feed it with good ideas to apply mental attention and empathy (putting yourself in the other).
7.-Your body is a beautiful wrap your soul, that you care too, eat healthy, take liquids, bathe every day, breathe fresh air.
8.-Do not judge anyone by their appearance, you are a noble and sane person, out of stupidity.
9.-Commit yourself to work with the utmost dedication possible and the financial rewards and especially moral will be very satisfactory.
10.-As soon as you possible provides assistance to people in need, all the good you do you will be rewarded by the Universe. Please be assured that everything you do in good faith giving your positive energy receives a prize of God, give in to the process of serving others, do not expect the results they arrive alone.


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    Amazing as always

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