Several explosions of unknown origin in 11 tanks at the refinery of the company resulted Caribbean Petroleum Corporation in early yesterday morning near San Juan a great fire that threatens to cause one of the worst environmental disasters on the island. The smoke forced air traffic away.
The uncontrolled fire spread to another of the 14 tanks burning in the morning, and there are fears that others could reach the total of 40 of the refinery.
Authorities said at the time the event had a dozen employees working at facilities of the refinery, located in the municipality of Bayamon, adjacent to San Juan. None of the workers suffered injuries.
The injured were two people from surrounding areas, one of them a woman driving in a vehicle.
The blast also caused damage in a commercial area located three miles from the area and the International Trade Center, near the area of the disaster.
Puerto Rican authorities are investigating the possibility that the fire could be a sabotage and it is based on the discovery of a mysterious symbol on a graffiti that appeared in the San Juan metropolitan area.

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