One of the books I reread constantly is “EL TRATADO DE MELQUISEDEC” by Alain Houel. In one chapter, Houel concerns how to make the Providence with us in achieving our dreams.
The providence is nothing that the forces of the universe by providing everything needed for the treasure that we have chosen. The treasure is the main objective that we must achieve, it is the good excuse to take a road that is a process full of experiences and discoveries that is really what will give us the light of our reason for being and happiness.
That such an providence will appear in our lives when we've shown that we are "ready" is the prize when the conviction to achieve our dreams is something irreversible.

Houel says:
There is one condition to be able to take advantage of all the aid that the universe sends you: is that inevitably involve you in your quest.
Involved inevitably means creating an irreversible situation. If it is not irreversible, you can always return to your previous state. A portion of your energy pulls you forward toward your vision, while another part you pull back.
Once you've taken the step, definitely in your bet, having abandoned all possibility of return, Providence will accompany you. Many times you've been told that Providence will come to your aid. But what is Providence, and how to help?
The first truth of the matter is that by creating an illusory vision of your current situation, you make up a disgusting problem. While this view if you want more than anything else, your current situation becomes unbearable.
The good news is that this distance between your reality and your dream causes a tension in you that will boost your energy and creativity beyond everything you could imagine. Because of this disagreement, this spread, you'll find resources that otherwise had not even alleged.
This Providence, you who make it, so you'll know to stay in a state of "misconduct" towards what is the purpose of your existence.
There is another manifestation of Providence that is more mysterious. It is, for example, a person who does not have a penny to finance the trip that dreams and finds a boatload of silver coins buried in his garden.
Already told you write your goals is essential, illustrated with images, nourish them with all the force of your imagination.
One effect of this mental picture is to put current energy working for you and which you can not know when they will provide the decisive push.
On the ground, any human creation that has not been created can exist twice: first in someone's imagination, the second in the physical world.
You can not know before, how long and how much work is going to demand the realization of your vision. You do not know but when you've accomplished.
What is certain is that you should be ready to maintain your effort, whatever since Providence sometimes allows a project to be completed in a short time and with an effort as "a miracle".


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