All living things have an energy field that surrounds us. This energy varies with the moods and the predominant type of thinking.
Even though the concept of "aura" is more about the paranormal or parapsychology, in recent decades there has been an opening from the scientific community to accept him as a subject of study, beyond, of course, the controversial Kirlian camera whose experiments and results could be explained also as part of elementary physical phenomena,for example the reaction of the air under certain voltage.
Thus the aura is defined as a field of luminous multicolored bioenergy surrounding people or objects, by way of an invisible halo, this is the prevailing concept for most people. It is thought that the aura is a representation or composition of soul vibrations or chakras, and is credited with the condition to reflect the moods or thoughts of the person, his true inner state.
Researchers in the field argue that the aura is divided into seven strata or layers that relate directly to the seven chakras. Each of these layers can be one of eleven colors of the aura. One color to repeat again, is considered the "basic color" of the person standing over life and capable of mutating only in very specific circumstances. Each basic color is associated with positive and negative qualities. Other colors of the aura, are associated with momentary inner states of the person, or a particular stage of life. It is believed that auras may be seen with the naked eye by persons endowed with a keen perception or even by ordinary people with the condition that they are persevering in practice; though some psychics like Edgar Cayce show that this ability becomes weaker with age
Dr. Valorie Hunt specialist in the field of human bio shows that bioenergy is the same as the aura but prefers not to use the word "aura" because it has been exaggerations and lies utilizations of frauds creating confusion; but that the aura exists, yes, the aura exists. Hunt said that the bioenergy encompasses the entire human being: health, emotions, learning, creativity, whatever you want. It is the field where you first have to come all the information before coming to the senses.
In fifty or a hundred years, the foundation of all education is through the field, not just through the intellect and the senses. Bioenergy is the frontier of human health. When there are disturbances in this area sooner or later be manifested in the human body.
Dr. Hunt wrote a book called "Mind Mastery Meditations" whose main message is to tell people that beyond certain meditation that relieves pain; you have to do is control and ownership of our mind, only then can change things and achieve the highest potential.

Mardam´s NOTE
The existence of the aura is a fact scientifically untestable because it challenges their laws; most people, including myself included, are confident of their existence, they feel their aura, but not perceive to see.
And it must be because such knowledge is in an upper layer for human understanding, say at the soul level, a level that must be reached by abstracting from the outside world in a personal work that each human being should find itself, that's not a work of a group of scientists in a lab that they will discover for us, as I said is personal work, apart from that all scientific research can be productive.
What I am saying even though it may seem pure subjectivity is a conclusion to which every human being can get through the perception and mind control, apart from the basics that we bring the senses.
Recall finally that the soul can not be measured. Yes, because the soul is immeasurable; but still, does anyone doubt that the soul exists?

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