Lisa Ray is a beautiful and talented Canadian actress of Indian descent with 37 years of age.
She has recorded in his filmography films as:
-Bollywood/Hollywood (2002)
-Water (2005)
-Seeking fear (2006)
-The flowerman (2006)
-Quarter Life Crisis (2006)
-The world unseen (2007)
-All hat (2007)
-I can´t think straight (2008)
-Toronto stories (2008)
-La cumbre TV (2008)

I´ve seen some of his movies lately and I think a great actress.
A few weeks ago while looking for information on the career of Lisa, hear the bad news that her cancer detected, Multiple myeloma is a form of cancer that attacks the bone marrow.
Far from being depressed, Lisa has taken this as a great challenge, a battle in which she is willing to use all resources that may be within its power to emerge victorious in this battle.
Lisa who has been in this fight since June this year, decided to open a blog counts as will the progress of their disease, which think and things that her expectations.
Lisa Ray is undoubtedly a woman facing cancer fighter with the only attitude that is capable of defeating the disease. Needless to say, that blog already has thousands of views and comments of her admirers.
Lisa said that at no time been thought to not going to improve, is optimistic, thanks for all the samples constant support and love.
In her own words she says: "There is a cure around the corner. I've got a lot more stories to share until then".
Lisa Ray will triumph in this battle because she is brave, strong, intelligent and beautiful. That is, succeed because she is a woman.


Lisa Ray Blog

Foundation for a cure for multiple myeloma cancer

Myeloma Team Canada supported by Lisa Ray

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