Let me be clear when I say that true security is something spiritual and not material. When we adopt the kind of security that has to do with inside knowledge, with the satisfaction of feeling valued, feeling with God as our inner guide,that's when we find real security
It is authentic because nobody and nothing is going to take, because we are spiritual beings, and in this area do not fit external susceptibilities.
It is true, however, that in today's world dominated by a "false security", is that spiritual beings have not, is a "security" that has to do with dependency.
This dependence may be due to different circumstances; physical appearance, wealth, social position, and also the experience. But however, physical appearance is the most false of all safely.
Many people, born and develops a trust that has not come from his heart, but a foreign concept as are the beauty parameters established by the society.
Parameters actually coming from the earliest times, may have been the Romans, perhaps the Egyptians, actually know who invented these parameters has no significance, so if you must highlight and remember is that these criteria were not established precisely for the sensible and intelligent people of humanity, but on the contrary, these stereotypes were created by the most unjust and stupid humans.
But there is all this information is our genetic inheritance and evil of the past. Although information is already in the genes, is in development from child to teenager, and then teenager to adult in which the person is becoming increasingly aware of the role which they will develop in society according to their " attributes "physical.
Then the person will focus as graceful or not, and its measurement on these parameters will refer to their level of confidence that will shape their self-esteem. So that confidence also be increased or reduced in direct relation to what others think of him also. That is as prized for its size, the symmetry of the face, eyes, nose, body, everyone will review that part of your body or face is approved and if the balance is high in quantity and quality parameter; then the self-esteem will be high as in the case of models or artists, otherwise the self-esteem will be less.
On that basis it is clear, that people adhere to the parameters of society reveals a false security because of a trust that is not ours, that is external throughout our lives. And not just be something internal, being something that we do not own, it is also easy to lose. The passing of the years cracking this beauty which boasts many and there is no surgery that could hide such a process.
And we really can not be truly happy when you have attachment to the "physical self" because it is our identification with the "spiritual self" which gives us real security and happiness.
Young people who feel "beautiful" grow old and lose say that 'beauty', the rich can become poor, may get sick, and money or social position nothing will be served.
The only thing we can really hope for "something" better in life is to have that confidence that comes from within.
When you have that confidence that is invulnerable to the passage of time, it is mentally independent, is free from restrictions on the mindset of the society, is a genuine freedom that leads to real security, so much so that even the challenge of death may seem encouraging.


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