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Dear Friend,

Want to Discover the Ancient Taoist Secrets of the Law of Attraction?

Or maybe you'd like to apply the latest Quantum Physics research for Massive Change in your Life?

Just below you have access to a Free Complimentary E-Course inspired by the Essence of Abundance that's vibrating within All Living Beings.

So why am I giving this course of Abundance Meditations away for Free?

Well, I believe in the Law of Reciprocity. What you Give you will Receive, and what you Receive you can continue to Give back to the World.

I feel so blessed to have received such profound wisdom from my Friends, Teachers and Mentors over the years that I've come to a place where I want to share these profound secrets with you.


   Spiritual Prosperity The Movie

Here is your free lesson

Where does true Abundance come from? This video might give some insight....

My name is Andy Ramsay

Over the past 10 years, as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Personal Mentor and Coach I've worked with over 1500 people to help them achieve their Personal Life and Wellbeing goals

Through Healing, Teaching and Mentoring, I've discovered that a core belief in Lack and Separation is the most common cause of so many people experiencing an Unfulfilled, Stressful Life and a lack of Direction and Purpose.

So here's my offering to you

In the Spirit of Friendship and Abundance

Free - 7 Steps to Spiritual Prosperity - 30 Day E-Course

A Profoundly Transformational E-Course aimed to assist you to align with your essential Abundant Nature.

Much more than just a positive thinking course, the following 7 Abundance Meditations will cause you to actually Embody the frequency of Abundance so it's Vibrating and Alive in every single cell.


  • The Inner Smile
  • Work as a Spiritual Practice
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • The Real Law of Attraction
  • The Secret of Abundance
  • Inner Spaciousness and Abundance
  • Harmony with Universal Intelligence

The following Guided Meditations are also included in this Course

  • The Inner Smile Meditation
  • The Gratitude Meditation
  • The Abundance Breath Sleeping Meditation
  • Inner Spaciousness Meditation
  • Harmony with Universal Intelligence Meditation
  • The Abundance Meditation
  • Daily Giving meditation

I deeply trust that this Course will make a profound difference in your Life and the lives of others

Enjoy the Course and many Blessings on your Journey of Abundance,

The TAO of Money
Dr.Chinese Medicine
Personal Mentor
Spiritual Teacher

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